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We offer various learning opportunities throughout the year through three overarching programs: Operation Afterschool Impact, Summer Pop-Ups, & Good Work.

Our Operation Afterschool Impact program provides art learning throughout the school year during after-school hours. This includes FREE in-program arts lessons in established after-school youth programs, our low-cost digital art program (beginning Fall 2024), and occasional workshops and classes.

Our Summer Pop-Ups program provides FREE art-in-the-park opportunities and community event support activities. Additionally, we offer lower-cost arts activities like our "Young Creatives" digital art summer camp, art classes, and music production workshops held on location at Grace Wesleyan Church on Pine Street. Check back in April for our summer lineup & info on events this summer.


Our Good Work program provides support to emerging artists and other nonprofits by providing creative learning opportunities that will help them expand their reach and exposure. Activities might include digital art, music production,  a specific art technique, or cultural art learning opportunities. Our "Sweet Gestures" annual fundraising event falls into this category, providing both new and old a chance to practice their gesture drawing skills.

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